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West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

West Coast Swing is a slinky, creative wonderful dance. Leaders and followers groove back and forth with each other along an imaginary line, referred to as the slot. West Coast Swing is slower than its East Coast brethren, but the dancers take the extra time to do fancy footwork: spins, quick turns, and improvised groovin'.

West Coast Swing evolved from Lindy during the mid 1940's. It is distinguished from other forms of Swing by its generally smooth style and danced within a slot.

Originally danced to R&B it has evolved to include Country, Rock n' Roll, Pop, Funk and Hip Hop. This dance provides the opportunity for both partners to interact at a high level of improvisation and to contribute equally to the dance, challenging their musicality and the very definition of lead and follow. Its Smooth, Stylish, and can be danced relaxed or made to look very funky. West Coast Swing is known as a dancer's dance.

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