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Argentine / American / International Tango

All courses run in 8-week cycles.

Tango is a social dance originating in Buenos Aires Argentina. Today there are many dance styles, including Argentinean Tango, Uruguayan Tango, Finnish Tango, Vintage Tango and of course Ballroom Tango.

Ballroom Tango divided in recent decades into International style and American style. The International style Tango evolved primarily as a highly competitive dance, whereas the American style developed as an un-judged social dance, which leads to some distinctions in basic style and technique. Ballroom Tango uses different music and styling from Argentinean Tango, with more staccato actions and the characteristic head snaps. We teach American style Tango in our classes.

We offer Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes.
Currently the beginner class runs Thu - 6:45pm, intermediate class Thu - 7:30pm, and no advanced class.

This class is currently not running.

Please contact us for the next available starting dates.

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