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Social Ballroom / American Smooth

All courses run in 8-week cycles.

Ballroom dancing is in fashion again and it is fun. In our social classes you will learn the most important dances: the elegant Waltz, the jazzy Foxtrot, the dramatic Tango and, the dynamic Viennese Waltz. Whether you attend social functions, company parties or preparing for your wedding, these group classes will enable you be part of the dance instead of standing at the side and watch. American Smooth is the competitive and performance version of Social Ballroom

Beginner Level

In a beginner course you will get familiar with 2 to 4 patterns as well as basic understanding of lead and follow. Your teacher will break every move down to basic elements in order to make it easy to understand the structure of each dance. Once you are familiar with the elements you will learn how to combine them together and make them become dance steps/patterns. The next stage is to time these moves to music and of course the most challenging part is to do this all with a partner. If you follow these building blocks you will see that dancing on a basic level is easy to learn and can be very enjoyable.

This class is currently not running.

Please contact us for the next available starting dates.

Intermediate/Advanced Level
If you decide to explore dancing in more details and you really want to become an outstanding dancer you can continue in our intermediate and advanced level courses or you can also inquire about our private lesson programs.

In an intermediate/advanced course your teacher will define more sophisticated details of the technique of movement that will enable you to have a more thorough understanding of the structure. Through that gradually you will develop more and more skills to execute each step and pattern on a higher level, and be able to express characteristics of each dance. Each level also incorporates a new dance into your repertoire.

This class is currently not running.

Please contact us for the next available starting dates.

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