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Performance and Technique Class

Performance Classes

You always knew you have hidden stage skills? Or a desire to perform?
In our performance class our experienced teacher will help you develop those goals.
This class is highly recommended for competitive dancers, who continuously have to perform in front of the judges, as well as social dancers for whom it this is a great tool to overcome shyness on the dance floor.

Class Structure
We use simple international style steps of all 5 Latin dances to build short solo routines (no partner required). Each routine is then used to study how one can express emotions through body posture, body movements, arm movements and of course facial expressions.
Since each dance has its own character you will explore all different realms of emotions and how to express them by constantly circling though the different dances.
No partner is needed for this class, and it is possible to join any time!

This class is currently not running.

Please contact us for the next available starting dates.

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